A comment on climate change

Since 2012, I  have been active in air-quality related research in our cities, and to a lesser extent, with climate change.

Open debate on these issues should be encouraged and respected.

I believe that unmanaged man-made inputs to climate change is a great threat.

But I also respect the right of others to argue (and disagree with me) on the extent to which we affect the environment.

However, if you accept even the smallest possibility that man-made climate change is real, then you should also acknowledge the (potential) disastrous consequences of our activity on both air pollution and climate change.

We need to manage this risk through behavioural change.

Take responsibility and please help  to ensure that our air is clean, and that the carbon footprint associated with human activity is reduced to levels that can be managed.

Two important decisions (OEM’s and regulatory) in this direction. Bravo.