Opinion piece in Bloomberg

Opinion piece in Scientific American.

Draft report for Toyota: Empirical evaluation of Prius (RTE coverage, Irish Times, Irish Independent).

Irish Examiner: Minister Halligan tests our Augmented Reality work in IForm.

Irish times: Joint work with IBM Research

IBM Research Blog: Virtual Test Platform

IBM Research Blog: Cyberphysics, Pedelecs, and Pollution Mitigation

International Business Times: Article on “silent guardians”

Silicon Republic: Article on “Autonomous vehicles: how did we get here, where are we going”.

Parking Review: Brief summary of plenary lecture.

Irish Times: Article on cognitive assistant for a car

Irish Times: Article on using parked cars to deliver a service

ITS Magazine (UK): Article on using parked cars to deliver service

ITS UK: Article on using parked cars to deliver service

IEEE Spectrum: Article on cover page on cloud computing

Economist: Our twinLIN project is mentioned

Wirtschaftswoche (Germany): Our ideas for alleviating range anxiety mentioned  (This work is also mentioned in this book on Smart Cities).

IBM Annual Report 2015 (USA) (

IEEE: Our article on Smart City control selected as IEEE Spotlight Article

Link to EnableS3 media.

Our in car companion on Swiss TV

Our work has also been presented at CEBIT  2015,reported in The Daily Telegraph (link no longer available), and has been discussed in national media (Business Show, Newstalk Radio).