IBM Research Blog: Virtual Test Platform

IBM Research Blog: Cyberphysics, Pedelecs, and Pollution Mitigation

International Business Times: Article on “silent guardians”

Silicon Republic: Article on “Autonomous vehicles: how did we get here, where are we going”.

Irish Times: Article on cognitive assistant for a car

Irish Times: Article on using parked cars to deliver a service

ITS Magazine (UK): Article on using parked cars to deliver service

ITS UK: Article on using parked cars to deliver service

IEEE Spectrum: Article on cover page on cloud computing

Economist: Our twinLIN project is mentioned

Wirtschaftswoche (Germany): Our ideas for alleviating range anxiety mentioned  (This work is also mentioned in this book on Smart Cities).

IBM Annual Report 2015 (USA) (

Daily Telegraph (UK): Article on cognitive computing

IEEE: Our article on Smart City control selected as IEEE Spotlight Article


Our work has also been presented at CEBIT.