We are grateful to our project sponsors for supporting our work: Science Foundation Ireland; Enterprise Ireland; The European Union; and to the various companies that we have worked with (Cisco, Daimler Benz, Nissan, Eircom, IBM Research, Toyota, Bolt, NEC Research, Moixa). Some of our major awards are listed below.

2020 EPSRC Award

2020 IBM Fellowship (Andrew Cullen)

2019 IOTA Foundation

2018 Analytics for Sharing Economy (SFI)

2017 Energy Collective Sharing Economy (Forskel)

2017 I-Form (SFI Centre)

2016 EnableS3 (EXSEL)

2012 TEAM (EU IP)

2011 Green Transportation Networks (SFI PI Award with D. Leith)

2010 PRTLI5 Capital Bid (HEA Institutional grant co-written with Doug Leith)

2010 HEA/PRTLI5 Graduate School (Institutional grant with TCD as lead)

2008 Next Generation Communication Networks (SFI PI, D. Leith co/Lead PI)

2006 Hamilton Institute Mathematics Outreach Proposal (SFI)

2004 Modelling and Design of Future Communication Network (SFI PI Award)

2004 Complex Embedded Automotive Control Systems (EU STREP)

2004 Switched Systems, Convex Cones and Lyapunov Functions  (SFI BR Award)

2001 Multi-Agent Control (EU Training network).

2001  Matrix pencil stability criteria (EI BR Award)

2001  Chaos Based Pattern Recognition and Systems Identification (EI BR Award)

1997  European Presidential Fellowship (Irish Government)

1993   Marie Curie Fellowship (EU)