Professor Robert Shorten

Position:  Professor of Control Engineering and Decision Science at UCD.

Research Interests: Smart Mobility and Smart Cities; Control Theory and Dynamics; Hybrid Dynamical Systems; Networking; Linear Algebra; Collaborative Consumption.

Recent work: on (A) smart mobility (including video demos); (B) bikes and urban pollution; and (C) ergodic control of ensembles. We have also been working recently on sharing economy applications, the design of recommender systems in closed loop, as well as on switched and regular dynamic systems. Most of my work is funded by Science Foundation Ireland, Enterprise Ireland and the European Commission. We also work with a number of automotive companies.

New books: We have just completed two new books: one on resource allocation in distributed environments; the other on connected car and plug-in vehicles. More information here.

Two new projects: dockCHAIN  and Nonoise. We also have some new work on Blockchain (actually DLT) related control theory.

A personal view: Climate change, open debate and action.