Professor Robert Shorten

Position:  I am Professor of Cyber-physical Systems at the Dyson School of Engineering Design at Imperial College London. I am also affiliated with University College Dublin.

Research Interests: Smart Mobility and Smart Cities; Control Theory and Dynamics; Hybrid Dynamical Systems; Networking; Linear Algebra; Sharing Economy; DAG based distributed ledgers.

Our workshop on Sharing Economy at the European Control Conference. Also currently really excited about exposing the link between tyres (see paper here) and particulate emissions. Meet also the Tyre Collective and their self cleaning tyre system (movie).

Most of my work is funded by Science Foundation Ireland, Enterprise Ireland and the European Commission. We also work with a number of automotive companies and other industrial partners.

New books: One on resource allocation, the other on connected car and plug-in vehicles. More information here. We are currently completing an edited volume on Analytics for the Sharing Economy. This will be published by Springer in 2019.

A personal view: Climate change, open debate and action.